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– Everyone is on the same Base Salary.

– Monthly Salary comes with set number of Credits.
– Credits buy Perks.
– Can only get a limited number of ‘Extra’ credits per month… Stops craziness.

– Everyone starts at Lv 0 = 0 XP
– Lv. 1 = 120 XP / Lv. 2 = 240 XP / Lv. 3 = 360 / etc.
– Every year everyone levels up.

– Can only buy Perks in your level or below.
– Higher levels unlock higher level perks and make lower level perks cheaper.


Level – Perk

1 - Late slip
  - 2nd Monitor
2 - Doctors note
  - 2H Lunch
  - Steam Game
  - Pay boost 1
3 - Training course 1
  - XP (to level up faster)
  - VITO!
  - PC Upgrade
  - Week holiday asap!
  - PC Upgrade 1
  - Pay boost 2
4 - Game share
  - Trade XP <--> Credits
  - Shift work hours
  - Training course 2
  - Trade show ticket... all in.
  - PC Upgrade 2
  - Pay boost 3
5 - Pay boost 4
  - PC Upgrade 3
  - Lead Designer for a project
6 - Company Equity

Achievements are the other way to get Credits.

Early Bird           - Arrive at the office before 8:30am.
Facist               - 3 Facebook shout outs.
Tweety Boy           - 10 Tweets.
Read all About It    - Get company publicity.
Crossover Hero       - Solve a problem that a coworker from another 
                       development has.
Blog Hero            - Write a blog post.
Stick it Out         - Stay in the office until 7pm.
We Are Beatnik!      - Do something truly selfless for the company.
Deadly Forumite      - Drum up some forum activity.
Beatnik Legend       - Amass 50 hours of overtime.
Tea Boy              - Make a cup of something for each of your 
Leave No Man Behind  - Open the FOB Entrance for a co-worker stranded 
Buddy Time           - Buy a round of drinks for your co-workers.
Warm and Fluffy      - Bake something for your coworkers.
Good Man             - Teach a coworker some new lasting techniques.
Funny Guy            - Make a coworker laugh so much he hurts 
Secure Seating       - Get the building staff to bring you a new 
                       office chair.
Risky Business       - Have a meal at the Windmill.
Desperado            - Take a dump at the Windmill.
Bring the RAGE       - Make a coworker Rage quit.
Security Alert       - Have an argument with someone at the front desk.
Take the piss        - Get the building staff to visit the office 
                       5 times in the same day.
You've popped Out    - Wear shorts to the office for a week.
Ladie’s Man          - Go on a date with someone in the office block.
Loyal to the Cause   - Turn down an opportunity to be headhunted.

When a conflict arises ?

Conflicts are resolved by MD. If no clear decision can be made, a 3rd Party Chairman will be used. If still no decision is clear, rock paper scissors.

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