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Close Your Eyes … Enter the Arena


  • The game is fundamentally an audio only 3D pong.
  • You are in a big room, at each end is a paddle, the paddle is a third of the size of the back wall, the entire back wall is the Goal.
  • The player is standing central, just infont of the large paddle at one end.
  • The room has a floor and a ceiling.
  • The room has near no gravity as the ball must travel in straight lines after bouncing on walls, but will slow down.

mind pong room


  • The game is all about listening to where the ball bounces around the room.
  • The ball has a small rattle to help the player listen to where it is.
  • When the ball comes to your end, you hold your phone either left landscape, portrait or right landscape. The orientation of the phone will determine if the paddle covers the left, centre or right of the goal. (this could also be analogue control for advanced players)
  • The paddle will have to move to these positions, it does not appear there instantly. To the player this will sound like a huge ‘wooshing’ door sliding just behind their head left or right.
  • Difficulty is set by room size, the number of positions the paddle can be in, 3 -> to full analogue, and how many balls are in play.

mind pong playing


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