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Ever wished you could shoot at live TV.. with just your hand ?!


Ever held your hand up to the TV and pretended to shoot some annoying character ?
(It’s fun for a bit but with no visual feedback it gets boring pretty quick.)


Well now you can with TV Hitman.


  • Hold your hand in the shape of a gun, and pretend to fire, the Xbox Kinect (by using TV passthrough) will see you and add a bullet hole effect on the screen, inc sound effect.
  • Different hand shapes and movements will result in different effects. Shotgun, mini gun, rocket launcher, sword slash, deadly plague, etc
  • Does anyone remember that Desktop Toys app ?

cartoon gun

With some clever recognition this could be brought to a new level.


  • When you shoot a person in the head, the top of the screen will say ‘HEADSHOT!’
  • Hitting and missing a person will result in different sound effects.
  • Game mode example: Can you get 20 headshots in a minute ?


  • Real time bullets from your friends showing on your tv.
  • Co-op playing.
  • You have to shoot the same objects as your friends.
  • 20+ players.
  • When the sly duck appears at anytime on screen who is the first to shoot it.
  • How many other people worldwide are shooting that character at the same time as you are ?


  • Which characters were most shot at this month ?
  • Which TV shows / Movies get the most destruction ?
  • How many times was a Kardashian shot ?

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