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It feels like its getting to the time where you wake up, its dark, work all day, head home,  its dark, good times, especially if you’re in Crunch, which is now strangely being called a ‘Spike’ period… ha! Let’s just sunset that idea shall we.


What are we up to ?

We have taken on an Intern, a badass Unity programmer from Denmark. Lasse, we salute your skills, and he can out drink us all. Is there anything he can’t do… we will find out during our monthly challenges. Last month was Street Fighter, Yuji holds the crown (and will forevermore on that game I feel.) This week, Super Smash Brothers, Bring it on!

Otherwise we are full steam ahead on our current project, sorry can’t reveal anything yet, but when we emerge from the trenches of the office it will be a beautiful butterfly.


During one of our late nights we stumbled across Beatnik Designs and their Facebook. Got talking to them and they created a company logo for us and some business cards.

New Beatnik Logo:

logo web


Business cards: