Hey folks!

We are back from working on Plain Sight, making it the perfect gameplay experience. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Latest Update Details:

  1. Intergrated Steam works so you can join a friends game directly and see how well, or bad, they are playing
  2. Numerous bug fixes
  3. Clearer UI elements showing you when you can buy Persistent Perks
  4. Everyone gets 100 stars to spend on Persistent Perks (YAY!)
  5. Added data collection to the purchase server so we can collect metrics about how users collect and use stars
  6. Everyone will have a minimum of 30 points to upgrade their Robot Perks at the start of every round
  7. Doubled the length of Shields
  8. And one small but significant tweak – Minimum detonation Energy! You must always get one energy point larger than your previous detonation, forcing you to constantly grow bigger and bigger after each suicide. For every time you are killed, this minimum detonation energy drops by one

Get on Steam and have a game or two. Friends over Teamspeak make it so much better.

But that’s not all, we want YOUR ideas to help us improve it. So get in touch!

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