Samurai Beatdown

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Samurai Beatdown

samurai beatdown

Out now on PlayStation Mobile
(currently available on the PlayStation® Vita and compatible Android devices).

Samurai Beatdown is a scrolling slash-em-up with rhythm action gameplay. Running through vibrant landscapes, defend yourself from vicious foes front and back by tapping in time to the music. Build up special combos and unleash frenzy mode to annihilate your enemies, bringing your sword to bear against an onslaught of assassins, brutes and flying creatures. Let nothing stand in your way…





  • Gameplay video of our favourite level: Dojo
  • Wallpapers for your desktop or PS Vita background
  • Soundtrack of all the level music (stream via soundcloud or free download)



  • For PlayStation Vita: You’ll find Samurai Beatdown in the ‘PlayStation Mobile’ tab of the PlayStation Store. Just install as you would any other game
  • For Android Certified Devices (including the HTC One S/X/V): Install the PlayStation Mobile app from here, and then use that to install Samurai Beatdown.